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CHARACTER NAME: The Sole Survivor (William Hernandez)


Backtagging: yes
Threadhopping: yes if the other party is okay with it
Fourthwalling: ask first
Offensive subjects (elaborate): I very rarely get offended to be honest


Hugging this character: Sure, but he may be awkward about it. Unless the CR is close then he'll give a dumb bear hug.
Kissing this character: He's super funny about it because he's still getting over the whole dead wife thing, but it's not impossible. Just. Really, really, awkward.
Flirting with this character: GO FOR IT he'll flirt back and be terrible at it on purpose.
Fighting with this character: Yes!
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): I'm all for it, just ask first.
Killing this character: See above
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Once again I direct you to the above.

Warnings: I play him from after the main quest (RR ending) so please let me know here if you're okay/not okay with spoilers

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Player Name: Rae
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Tag: The Sole Survivor

Name: In game known as The Sole Survivor, but for game's sake named William Hernandez
Canon: Fallout 4
Canon Point: After the Railroad ending
Age: Not specified, though chronologically over 210 due to being frozen. Otherwise I headcanon early 30s.


William served in the Sino-American war sometime before 2077. He got married during the war and had a son, Shaun, before retiring from the military. The game starts on the morning of October 23, 2077, when a vault salesman knocks on William's door and tries to sell him and his family a place in Vault 111. Begrudgingly William agrees to answer the salesmen's questions and buys a spot in Vault 111. (Un)luckily it comes in handy really fast, as warnings all over the news of nuclear war spread through the neighborhood televisions. Sirens go off and William and his wife are forced to grab their baby and rush to the nearby vault where they are instructed to get into these large pods. Unbeknownst to them, residents of Vault 111 were to be cryogenically frozen as part of a Vault-tech experiment. At some point after being frozen William wakes up in his pod to see two strangers approaching his wife's pod. They open the pod and proceed to try and take the baby from her arms, but she resists. That's when one of the strangers, later to be identified as "Kellogg", shoots his wife and takes the baby. William's pod turns back on and once again freezes him. He eventually wakes up and escapes the vault only to discover the wasteland above. He makes it back to his old home where he is informed by his robot butler Codsworth that it has been over 200 years since the bombs fell.

William soon ends up in Diamond city where he meets Piper, who is attempting to get into the city. He helps her fool the guards to get inside where he speaks to her sister selling newspapers. He gets information from her about the Institute where he learns about the kidnappings that have been occurring, finding information on his next step to finding Shaun. He meets Nick Valentine, a synth detective who helps him find out where Kellogg was staying after he kidnapped Shaun. He uses his canine companion to track down Kellogg all the way to Fort Hagen. There William finds out that Kellogg is no longer in possession of Shaun, and that Shaun is in fact not even an infant anymore. Shaun has been handed over to the Institute but Kellogg would not tell William how to get there, so he kills him, and now the death of his wife has been avenged. With Kellogg dead it’s next to impossible to find out where the Institute is, but Nick and his secretary have a plan to use Kellogg’s brain matter to enter his memories in the hopes of finding out how to get inside. They go to a place called the Memory Den where they speak to Dr. Amari and enter in Kellogg’s memories. From there William finds out about Virgil, and now must seek him out in a place called the Glowing Sea in order to bring him closer to finding Shaun. After speaking to Virgil in the Glowing Sea William finds out that in order to get into the Institute he needs something called a Courser Chip. The chips are how Institute Coursers teleport in and out of the base. William tracks down a Courser, kills him, and gets the chip. Unfortunately Dr. Amari was unable to do anything with the chip, so she informs William that the people of The Railroad would be able to help. So off William goes to find this Railroad, which requires him to have a keen eye and solve a puzzle and a couple of clues. Working together with Desdemona, leader of the Railroad, and Virgil, William then had to help build a machine in order to hack the Institute’s teleportation signal and get inside.

Once the machine was built William was able to get inside the Institute, where he was immediately informed by a voice over an intercom that his arrival was expected. William is met with a young boy in a glass room who he immediately recognizes as his son, Shaun. The boy doesn’t seem to recognize him though and calls for “father”. An old man enters the room and approaches William, who immediately threatens him. William finds out that this older gentlemen is, in fact, Shaun. William has been in cryo far longer than he initially thought after Shaun was taken and his wife killed. The boy in the room is merely a synth created in Shaun’s image, which is why he had not recognized William. Not only is this older man Shaun, but he is the leader of the Institute. Naturally this caused a major conflict with William as he had found himself growing loyal to the Railroad and their cause, convinced the Institute was the enemy and even after finding out Shaun is their leader he still believes the same thing. Shaun asks William for help and Desdemona wants him to continue on as if he’s actually working with them. So William helps Shaun with a series of tasks, and every time it’s a task that will cripple the Railroad he sabotages it. Despite the conflict of interest William remains loyal to the Railroad through to the end, leading a revolt from inside to help synthetics escape as well as rigging an explosive on the inside. Before leaving the Institute the synth child that William encountered in the glass room approaches him with familiarity. As it turns out Shaun had programmed him into believing he was William's son. He leaves behind a holotape asking him to take care of the synth and love him as if he were his own son, which William does. Leaving Shaun with Tinker Tom to take back to Railroad HQ he heads with the others to a safe distance and detonates the Institute, making sure the Railroad can now rule over the Wasteland. William decided he was going to continue helping the Railroad while raising the synthetic child as his own.


A lot of people use humor as a coping mechanism for when they don’t know how to deal with a situation. William, however, uses it for when he’s trying to combat various other emotional reactions that he fears will be too strong/put him at a disadvantage/put him in a dangerous mindset. Granted, the man generally has a silly side to him, but because of his past it became more than just a facet of his personality. For example, he is a war vet, which means he has seen and done things that take a toll on a person physically and mentally. The only way he was able to deal with it was by being “that guy” that told jokes at inappropriate times and made his fellow soldiers laugh at something stupid. Not only was it a great way for him to combat the onset of anxiety or fear brought by his situation, but it was a decent way for him to fool himself into thinking things weren’t nearly as bad as they were. If you’re able to make a joke of it, it’s not so bad, right? That doesn’t mean William doesn’t know when to be serious, though. In fact, he uses his dry sarcasm and often childish humor to hide the fact that he can be quite sensitive. He’s not immune to having an outburst here or there, and if the situation is grim enough he won't try to hide his feelings on the matter. If his wife or child ever come up in a situation William will not hide his sadness. If he’s speaking to someone who has experience with the loss of a loved one he’ll commiserate with them, offer his condolences, and even lend an ear. He’s not afraid to be sympathetic. As an example, at one point William is going around helping people in order to make caps (currency in Fallout) so he can buy supplies for his trip. One woman in particular lost members of her family and wish for him to simply go find who or what killed them and avenge their deaths. Two family members in and, although he felt for her a little, he was about done. But she tells him that the next family member was her husband. This hit home and it no longer became a question of whether he wanted to do it or not. He was dead set on helping her despite the fact that he was unfamiliar with the area and had to traverse across the island just to get there.

William is a surprisingly understanding man. When going through Kellogg’s memories he found himself identifying with him to a degree. They both had someone they loved and a child, and both lost said loved ones to cold blooded killers. While William was furious that someone who once experienced such a loss could inflict it on someone else part of him still felt like he understood him the tiniest bit. This did not lessen his hatred but it made it easier for William to let go once he killed Kellogg. He was dead, his wife was avenged, and now all he had to do was move on from that angry chapter in his life. In the end Kellogg was a lesson in not letting everything that happened to him turn him into a cold blooded killer. Although he learned the hard way that it’s easy for the world he was suddenly thrust into to change a man he holds fast to his ideals. He’s a military man and his sole purpose is to serve and protect, whether that be his family, friends, or the people of the wasteland. The Railroad appealed to him for a similar reason. They saw synthetic lives as just important as human lives and were willing to protect them. William came into this new world not having a clue what synthetics were but having met and developed a bond with Nick he quickly learned to agree with them. Not to mention Codsworth is a very important part of William’s family, even if he’s not a synth the point still stands. And now having Shaun to raise, despite the conflict he faces knowing that he isn’t the Shaun but a synthetic with false memories, he believes it now more than ever. Because of the fact that he is a father whose parenthood was cut tragically short William has a habit of “fathering” at younger people as if he’s trying to fill that paternal void the loss of his son left behind. He’s naturally more nurturing towards children and when dealing with a fellow parent’s concerns it’s one of the few times he won’t make a joke of the situation. When a married couple needed help finding what happened to their daughter William immediately grew serious and somber, promising the couple he and Nick would find their daughter and bring her home safe - going as far as traveling by boat just to get to her last known whereabouts.

Despite being silly and sometimes pretty sensitive William is still a military man. He knows how to tough it out in rough situations and how to keep his wits about him. He may be new to the wasteland but that doesn’t make him soft. He understands war and knows all about making tough decisions whether on the battlefield or in his own personal life. Every decision he makes he first asks himself if it will ultimately help the people around him and make them safer, which is why he was so vehemently against the Institute. No matter how much he loves his son he could never have sided with him, and while it was the toughest choice he ever had to make in his life, he knew in his heart that in the end it would be better to wipe the Institute off the map and to let the Railroad take over. Which also is a testament to his loyalty. He trusted Desdemona and the Railroad enough that he was willing to go against his own flesh and blood in such a major way. Once someone has William on their side it’s safe to say he’s not leaving it unless they were to betray him first, or do something that would put a lot of lives needlessly in danger. In a way you could say William is a man of the people. He served his country back before the bombs fell and now that times were clearly in bad shape again he feels the need to keep fighting. “War never changes,” he once wrote in a speech he was to give at the veterans hall, and knowing how true this is he chooses to keep fighting, whether it’s for the world he once knew or the world he’s in now.

William is a soldier so he has basic combat experience, not to mention being thrust into a post apocalyptic wasteland which improved his combat and ability to think on his feet in a rough situation. He knows basic survival skills like maintaining/repairing weapons and armor, upgrading said weapons and armor, etc. Because of the fact he had to try and get a settlement off the ground he also knows some things about farming and setting up power generators, water pumps, and trading.


*Good at shooting things and improvising during stressful situations
*His comic book knowledge is also through the roof. Seriously, quiz him on Grognak the Barbarian!
*Good with kids.

*Sometimes he can be way too emotional/sensitive
*Tries to distance himself personally from uncomfortable/tough situations
*Very little patience outside of the battlefield

*Railroad spikes (ammo for Railgun)
*His dog, Dogmeat
*Railroad armored coat
*Sniper rifle plus ammo
*A box of Sugarbomb cereal

Network Sample:

[William appears across the network looking vaguely serious, as if deep in thought before he opens his mouth to speak, closes it, then decides to hell with it:]

So, space. Has anyone ever heard of the Astoundingly Awesome Tales - Invasion of the Zetans?

[Yes, this grown ass man in his early thirties is a huge comic book nerd. He was preparing himself for when his infant son got older, okay?]

Because that's what all of this reminds me of. If anyone sees little green people with huge bug-eyes they're probably not friendly and prone to probing, FYI.

On the off chance that this isn't a case of life imitating art and there are actually little green people on the ship that aren't looking to probe our insides then sorry to have offended.

[Of course William doesn't actually think he's in a comic from home or anything like that. He's actually throwing this out there in an attempt to gauge if anyone out there is from his world. He felt better going about it this way than outright asking. Maybe he's just fishing for something familiar. Having been yanked out of his comfort zone into a completely new world once already was enough, but to have it happen again? If there was anyone from either time - from before the bombs fell or after, he wants to talk to them. He's not sure what he'd say, but it would be comforting to know he's not alone again.]

Prose/Action Sample:
Test drive thread


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